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Upload videos straight to YouTube with the new wireless 4GB Eye-Fi SD Cards


How does EyeFi increase our bottom line?
We're able to process our consignments faster.

* Wireless uploads
* iPhoto Integration
* Video - ask readers where feedback comes from?

So far we've uploaded a few videos to youtube but had a few difficulties. First, for some reason, our test vid 1 was uploaded 20 times! I hope I didn't spam our Facebook group members with all those posts. I removed them as soon as I saw what was happening. Second, we have not set up the tagging or autoname features for uploading videos. That means each of our uploads is named something like "mov-1-2010" etc. It would be better to have keywords or episode names instead.

What I do like about the EyeFi cards is the seamless integration with iPhoto. Just open it up and vamoosh, they're all there ready for editing. Editing is the other issue we face with uploading from our cameras straight to the web. We can take better pictures but for eBay it is always best to crop and show off the macro closeups of items we are selling. Plus, I love the enhance feature on iPhoto. It really brings the photos to life sometimes.

I'm sure we'll learn to use these cards better as we move forward.

We will be auctioning our used 2GB cards this week as well. Our boss just upgraded us to new 4GB cards with the video capabilities.