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Sniper Services Account for Last Second Bids on our auctions





Came across these sites by searching our ebay store web traffic using Omniture Traffic Reports. There have been 14 visits in January from AuctionSniper.com alone. This explains a lot of the last second bidding that takes place in our auctions. From a consignors point of view, it's worry time early in the auction process when they see no bids. I've written up this explanation to show how eBay buyers, especially the really good ones, bid and win items on eBay. I'm glad that consignors get involved, the more eyes watching the better. But, I also worry when I see zero bids. My number one fear is that this will lead to a sense of consignor's remorse. Consigning valuable items only to see lower than expected prices or no bids at all can be a big stress factor. However, the reason sniper tools like these exist is because of the skill it takes to successfully win auctions. I haven't bid on an eBay item in over 6 months but here's what it takes to get what you're looking for. Note to consignors and future consignors: This is a glimpse into the mind of the person that is going to win your auction and ultimately pay you for it.

1. Find the item you are looking for
2. Click on the watch link to bookmark in my ebay
3. Log in to sniper website account
4. Place highest bid
5. Wait until the auction ends to see if you won

So essentially, your item may receive the highest bids days before it ends. The reason why they don't show up until the last few seconds is because of these sniper programs. They are designed to wait until the last possible minute to "snipe" the winning bid. Other bidders can come in anytime to bid as well so don't think that sniper tools prevent others from bidding too.

This is not the case for more popular items that get action as soon as we list like high end bicycles and vintage synthesizers. They usually receive bids just after listing. Consignors and ebay listers like ourselves also tend to worry when there are only 2 or 3 watchers on an item with low bids or no bids at all. However, I would say that at least 50% of the time when there are only two watchers they tend to duke it out themselves until the price does reach market value. The other 50% of the time, the two watchers are waiting for the item to go unsold so we can relist it cheaper, which we won't.

I'm totally cool with Sniper apps. I think they make it more fun for serious eBay buyers plus when used they stimulate the eBay economy and ultimately increase our bottom line. There are probably hundreds more out there to choose from but these four showed up on my listings so that's why I listed them here.