We sell for you on eBay

Put simply: we turn your stuff into money by selling it on eBay. The Sellery is the easiest and smartest way to sell your gently used or new items on eBay.

How long does it take to drop off items at The Sellery?

About 5-10 minutes, depending on the logistics of getting your items through our door.
Here's what happens during a typical drop-off appointment:

  1. You show up at our location with your items.
  2. A The Sellery agent will inspect your items to make sure that they are consistent with our requirements for consignments
  3. A The Sellery agent will go over our terms of service with you and have you sign it as a contract.
  4. The Sellery will begin stocking your consignments and start listing them on eBay.
  5. You continue about your busy day while The Sellery handles the entire eBay selling process for you.