We sell for you on eBay

Put simply: we turn your stuff into money by selling it on eBay. The Sellery is the easiest and smartest way to sell your gently used or new items on eBay.

Fund raising for organizations, schools, and charities

Your organization can benefit from a more efficient and transparent way to raise money.

Leverage the numbers of your congregation, members, users, or pupils to bring us items to sell. We'll handle turning the items into cash and then give your organization one large check along with a full report of everything we sold, and what it sold for. Our standard commission rates apply.

Here's how to use The Sellery to do your fund raising:

  1. Designate someone in your organization to act as liaison to The Sellery. We will work with them for pick-up, payment, and reporting.
  2. Advertise our service in any and / or all publications for your organization. We'll be glad to work with you on the best way to promote the service.
  3. We will send periodic listing updates to you or a designated list of your members for the duration of the auctions.
  4. Once we have sold all your items, we will send your organization a large cash check that can be used for the intention of the fundraiser

If you choose to do so, we can even donate the proceeds of your sales directly to any one of the thousands of charities on MissionFish, eBay's charitable giving service. It's a great way to keep things simple and efficient if your organization doesn't want to manage the logistics of the donation process.

We are very excited about this new way of fund raising, and know that it has the potential to do great things for your organization and the world at large. Please contact us today to begin your fund raising project!