We sell for you on eBay

Put simply: we turn your stuff into money by selling it on eBay. The Sellery is the easiest and smartest way to sell your gently used or new items on eBay.

Interested in starting your own Sellery? We provide consulting services for aspiring and current eBay consignment business owners

As a service to the eBay community, we are now accepting applications from eBay sellers to receive limited free consulting for two months.

We have been around since 2004 and while others have come and gone, we are the only remaining eBay consignment shop left in Austin, TX. This is not by chance.

The Sellery offers consulting services for those looking for the best way to start their own eBay consignment business or bring profitability to their existing business.

We created a podcast, eBay consignment 2.0, to promote eBay consignment selling as a viable business model. Listen to it, get excited, then contact us about taking your operation to the next level.

Our consulting rate is $120 / hour and it's worth every dollar. Give us a call for a free 20 minute initial consultation and we will be happy to share our secrets with you. (512) 788-5205.

Here is a list of topics that we have competitive experience with that we can help you apply to your business to make it grow:

  • Running a consignment business
    • maintaining profitibility
    • consignment software set-up and support
    • bootstrapping your consignment business with no outside investment
    • employee recruitment, training, and management
    • how to spin a good contract agreement with your consignors
  • eBay-related Information Technology
    • website set-up and customization
    • systems integration with the eBay API
  • back-office / order fulfillment, and insurance
    • shipping system hardware and software configuration
    • recommendations for purchasing physical equipment and shipping supplies i.e. bubble-wrap, styrofoam peanuts, and other specialty packing materials.
    • How to deal with shipping insurance companies as efficiently as possible.
  • management, team organization, and follow-through
    • How to set up and use commercial, free, and open source software tools Such as TRAC, SVN, Kayako, MediaWiki, and Google Applications for your domain to organize your team and information workflows.
    • Strategies for establishing a culture of cooperation and productivity inside your business or team.
  • general eBay selling advice and best practices
    • selling items on eBay
    • making attractive listings
    • avoiding unnecessary eBay fees
  • marketing your business to consignors
    • online advertising with Google AdWords
    • marketing in the social the networking (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, twitter, blogging)
    • grassroots and guriella marketing
    • custom signage
    • How to design, produce, and promote a podcast.