We sell for you on eBay

Put simply: we turn your stuff into money by selling it on eBay. The Sellery is the easiest and smartest way to sell your gently used or new items on eBay.

This is what our pay-out checks look like

If you are expecting a payment from us, please keep an eye out for your check in the mail. It will come in a white envelope with a the return address as follows:

P.O. Box 7002
Pasadena, CA 91109

The envelope will look like this:
image of the envelopes that our check writer uses

The check will look like this:
image of what your check from The Sellery will look like

NOTE: We have received some calls from people that are not Sellery Consignors asking if we mailed them a WRG check. WE ARE NOT WRG. WRG is the payment service we use through our UFCU account to mail out checks. On each check please see the "Paying for the account of: " to find out who sent you the check. Thank you.