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The Best Godzilla Figures eBay Auction Ever Listed!

This week we have probably the craziest auction up on eBay that we have ever put up.  80 Godzilla Gamera Orochi Kaiju Super Lot Bandai Figures eBay Auction.

This auction truly is a gem because most of these figures are super hard to find and to be able to snatch all of them in one lot is just an amazing opportunity.  We will ship these anywhere in the world so go ahead and bid with confidence and tell a friend about this.  

I've updated the whatsells page on our website to include Godzilla figures plus some other freezing categories that went unsold this week.

Upload videos straight to YouTube with the new wireless 4GB Eye-Fi SD Cards


How does EyeFi increase our bottom line?
We're able to process our consignments faster.

* Wireless uploads
* iPhoto Integration
* Video - ask readers where feedback comes from?

So far we've uploaded a few videos to youtube but had a few difficulties. First, for some reason, our test vid 1 was uploaded 20 times! I hope I didn't spam our Facebook group members with all those posts. I removed them as soon as I saw what was happening. Second, we have not set up the tagging or autoname features for uploading videos. That means each of our uploads is named something like "mov-1-2010" etc. It would be better to have keywords or episode names instead.

What I do like about the EyeFi cards is the seamless integration with iPhoto. Just open it up and vamoosh, they're all there ready for editing. Editing is the other issue we face with uploading from our cameras straight to the web. We can take better pictures but for eBay it is always best to crop and show off the macro closeups of items we are selling. Plus, I love the enhance feature on iPhoto. It really brings the photos to life sometimes.

I'm sure we'll learn to use these cards better as we move forward.

We will be auctioning our used 2GB cards this week as well. Our boss just upgraded us to new 4GB cards with the video capabilities.

Sniper Services Account for Last Second Bids on our auctions





Came across these sites by searching our ebay store web traffic using Omniture Traffic Reports. There have been 14 visits in January from AuctionSniper.com alone. This explains a lot of the last second bidding that takes place in our auctions. From a consignors point of view, it's worry time early in the auction process when they see no bids. I've written up this explanation to show how eBay buyers, especially the really good ones, bid and win items on eBay. I'm glad that consignors get involved, the more eyes watching the better. But, I also worry when I see zero bids. My number one fear is that this will lead to a sense of consignor's remorse. Consigning valuable items only to see lower than expected prices or no bids at all can be a big stress factor. However, the reason sniper tools like these exist is because of the skill it takes to successfully win auctions. I haven't bid on an eBay item in over 6 months but here's what it takes to get what you're looking for. Note to consignors and future consignors: This is a glimpse into the mind of the person that is going to win your auction and ultimately pay you for it.

1. Find the item you are looking for
2. Click on the watch link to bookmark in my ebay
3. Log in to sniper website account
4. Place highest bid
5. Wait until the auction ends to see if you won

So essentially, your item may receive the highest bids days before it ends. The reason why they don't show up until the last few seconds is because of these sniper programs. They are designed to wait until the last possible minute to "snipe" the winning bid. Other bidders can come in anytime to bid as well so don't think that sniper tools prevent others from bidding too.

This is not the case for more popular items that get action as soon as we list like high end bicycles and vintage synthesizers. They usually receive bids just after listing. Consignors and ebay listers like ourselves also tend to worry when there are only 2 or 3 watchers on an item with low bids or no bids at all. However, I would say that at least 50% of the time when there are only two watchers they tend to duke it out themselves until the price does reach market value. The other 50% of the time, the two watchers are waiting for the item to go unsold so we can relist it cheaper, which we won't.

I'm totally cool with Sniper apps. I think they make it more fun for serious eBay buyers plus when used they stimulate the eBay economy and ultimately increase our bottom line. There are probably hundreds more out there to choose from but these four showed up on my listings so that's why I listed them here.

What exactly is eBay Consignment?

So what exactly is eBay Consignment?

If you found this post I'm assuming you kind of know what it is already.  Or you may have heard of eBay drop off stores, eBay trading posts, eBay trading assistants, etc.  The list goes on but here's my clarification on the term eBay consignment.

I'll tell you what it's not first. It's not a traditional consignment shop with a retail storefront.   Although, it can have a retail presence, it's not a place where you can come buy something with cash or a credit card.   It's not even set up for public browsing.  Chances are the inventory is set up more like a warehouse.  Plus, you have to bid on eBay for anything you might want from the store.  If you are not an eBay member then you're out of luck.  Most sellers won't bother with the hassle of offering items to off-eBay customers.  Believe me, it is a hassle for inventory reasons and later for accounting.

An eBay consignment store is also not a good way to sell clothes, jewelry or furniture.  That's just a fact.   If you do come across a seller who will consign your wedding dress, dishes or big furniture items then they may be a bit desparate for sales and do not know the market well enough.  Those types of items are best left to consignment experts like Home Consignment Center in Austin or your local consignment boutique.

Ebay Consignment - The process of having an eBay trading assistant sell your items on eBay for you

It still sounds a little vague since it does not mention how it is different that regular consignment shops.

So how is it different and what items do eBay consignment stores generally accept?

The main differences are pricing, the types of items accepted for consignment and store setup.

The average commission structure across the industry is around 50%.  For eBay consignment stores price ranges anywhere from 25% to 45%.  I almost always see sellers using a tiered sliding scale too so the commission decreases as the price increases.  So eBay consignment is cheaper than traditional consignment.   But, they are apples and oranges.

EBay consignment stores usually accept items that have sold on eBay before for more than $50.  Using that as a general guideline, the most common ebay consignments are electronics, computers and collectibles.  Everything else is on a per case basis.  You really never know what is coming in the door but you can do your best to keep a black and white list to filter out bad consignments.  Also, using the word consignment is good and bad.   It's good because once a person hears about an ebay consignment shop then they know it's about resale or consigning goods. It's bad because most people associate consignment with clothing, jewelry and furniture, not all the categories we sell.

Finally, the difference in the store setup is where everything is stored.  In a traditional consignment shop you can walk in and browse through every piece of merchandise for sale.  In an eBay consignment shop, you have to know exactly what item you are planning to bid on before you walk in.  Chances are the inventory is on shelves and must return to the same location after inspection.   Plus, there are no cash registers or credit card terminals because everything is paid for online with PayPal.

Now that I've explained what the differences are let me quickly mention how both types of consignment shops are more innovative than you think.  Consignment of merchandise is a very profitable way of maintaining inventory.  Plus, it saves the earth by reusing items a second time around.  Also, the software used to manage an ebay consignment shop can make or break a business so we use only the most advanced tools out there like our own, http://tools.thesellery.com.

I really hope the stereotype of clothing consignment evolves to electronics consignment, musical instrument consignment and computer consignment.

Got any input or suggestions?  Leave a comment below.

More UT Longhorns Vintage Memorabilia

Hey Austin, we've got some really cool UT Longhorns memorabilia that we are auctioning off on eBay. Included: Football 1963, Dolls, sculptures, plates, pictures, books and more. Hopefully UT will win their game on January 5th and will drive the market up a bit. I think a win will definitely help sales. What do you think?

2009 Recap

We learned so much this past year. Most of the lessons were about using workspace efficiently and effectively. Moving from 350 square feet to 1000 really helped us out. Our listers and packers now have enough room to do their work happily.

Looking forward to 2010 we're providing a few new services including:
Pack & Ship, Kinek Mailbox and EBay Classes for Austin. Stay tuned for more info on these services as they develop over the holidays.

Hope you had a good break and a happy 2009. We're ready for what's to come and welcome you to join us.

The Sellery Austin auctioning UT Signed Football 1982 Championship Team vs Alabama

Just in time for the UT vs Alabama Championship game!  We're auctioning off a one of a kind autographed UT Longhorns football from the entire 1982 team.

Check it out for yourself:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=120509760895&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

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